Celebrate and Give

Celebrate and give a little to the NSPCC

If you’re planning your wedding this year why not consider asking friends and family to make a donation instead of – or as well as – buying you a gift?  This small gesture could help the NSPCC to improve the lives of vulnerable children across the UK.
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New Nokia Lumia ad is wedding themed and very funny!s

At Weddings NI headquarters we think you can't beat an Apple vs Samsung feud. I happen to be an Apple Fanboy if I'm honest but I think Microsoft have hit a brilliant piece of marketing with their latest ad. I hope this makes you chuckle as much as I did!

Champagne Moments

Arrive in style, with a smile

There’s nothing better than making a classy, head-turning entrance at your chosen wedding venue, so the transportation that you opt for is a big consideration. We take a look at some of the finer details that a stellar wedding car service can offer, with Trevor Patterson of Champagne Moments.Read more

Honeymoon .. Check!

So I currently have no flowers, no car, no music, no suits, 3 possible dresses, 5 weeks to go and a bridesmaid who's having doubts (whole other story!) but I have booked our honeymoon ... wohoo!Read more


So two weeks ago today, in a sleepy little spanish town, my lovely other half proposed and I graciously accepted (after the mortified screams of 'get up, get up!) We quickly decided that we wanted to get married right there in Spain where we had got engaged and after a few too many bottles of Moet and Chandon had our whole wedding planned out for the following Saturday, why not eh?!Read more

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

Questions to make sure that you and your wedding DJ are on the same wavelength before you commit ..

  • Do you have a written contract?

This is how you can tell the amatures from the professionals. Just like everything on your wedding day, you want guarantees and security, so get it in writing!Read more

Happy Feet

With the number one complaint from brides still being sore feet on their wedding day, we decided to put together 5 simple steps to help keep your feet happy and leave you to dance the night away!Read more

Wedding Hair SOS

There's so much more to fantastic wedding hair than a great stylist on the day, your wedding hair prep needs to start months in advance of your special day. Luckily we've rounded up the top tips for getting a brilliant barnet and let's face it, it's probably time our poor locks got some TLC.Read more

Civil Vs Religious... Ding Ding!

How many times have you heard this from a b2b?! All too often the same dilema is faced by couples planning their special day, to have a religious church ceremony or a civil ceremony. The answer, I'm afraid is not an easy one...Read more

Kitting your Bridesmaids out - High Street Style! Blue and Navy

One of the hardest decisions that a bride faces is the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, not only does this colour usually define the colour scheme for the rest of the day but it's also a minefield of keeping bridesmaids happy and finding a colour that will compliment them all - not an easy task!Read more

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